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One Valve Radio Receiver Consruction Project

    orange.gif - 334 Bytes The Competition was judged at the SEQG March 2001 Meeting

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    orange.gif - 334 Bytes Any one valve (tube) may be used, including more then one electron stream as long as they are in the one envelope.

    orange.gif - 334 Bytes A separate semi-conductor detector diode (but not a second valve) may be used.

    orange.gif - 334 Bytes The receiver must be submitted for judging with its own power source and headphones or speaker.

    orange.gif - 334 Bytes It may be powered by battery or mains, If powered by mains power, the mains wiring should be such that it is inaccessable while the set is operating and the chassis must be earthed to the mains plug earth pin. If the receiver is considered unsafe by the judges it will be disqulified. The power supply may contain valves.

    orange.gif - 334 Bytes The receiver may tune more than one band, but it will be judged on its performance on the broadcast band (550Khz to 1600Khz).

    orange.gif - 334 Bytes A circuit diagram and explanation of the controls must be supplied.

    orange.gif - 334 Bytes Judging - All receivers will be judged for: On air performance 40 points, Consruction technique 30 points, Appearance 30 points.

    orange.gif - 334 Bytes Note: The "on Air Performance" will take into account the type of circuit and award points accordingly, ie: a TRF will be judged on its performance as such and not judged against a Regen or Superhet receiver (There is a challenge for the judges)

green.gif - 334 Bytes One Valve Radio Building Competion green.gif - 334 Bytes

The winners were
Kevin Apps 1st, Keith Hoffman 2nd, Matthew Weatherley 3rd

Winners.jpg - 83610 Bytes

Brian Reid's radio was voted the Most Popular Radio by the members.

MostPopular.jpg - 39728 Bytes

The judges had a hard job to decide the winners
Matthew Weatherley, Gil Long, Peter Hadgraft

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