2023 Club Competition

The 2023 Club Competition will be a construction competition using type 5676 miniature valves provided for entrants.

The Rules

A typical 5676 application circuit

The Contestants

Ches Bassingthwighte

Ches Bassingthwighte for his use of the valves to replace the (almost) unobtainable WD-11 valves used in the early 1920's Westinghouse and Radiola receivers.

The WD-11 triode was introduced by the Westinghouse Electric corporation in 1922 for their Aeriola RF model radio and found use in other contemporary regenerative receivers (used as a detector-amplifier) including the Regenoflex and Radiola series. The WD-11's design was somewhat ill thought out, as when the filament burns out it has a tendency to flop against the plate, feeding high B+ voltage back through the heater circuitry and burning out the filaments on the remaining valves. Because of its rarity it has become one of the most valuable valves in the world. New-old-stock units have sold for as much as US$180 and used units for over $100, more than the original price of the radios that used them. Collectors rarely, if ever use these valves for fear of burning them out.

Dan Bedford

Dan Bedford entered a 1950's style hearing aid, inspired by the trials and tribulations he witnessed as his father's hearing failed following service in the artillery during WWII. Dan constructed his aid in a cigarette tin and had the battery pack housed in a "bum bag" style belt pack.

Rob Walker

Rob Walker entered a superhet circuit supplied and fitted it into a small multimeter case with a tape recorder cover. Rob added a small transistor amplifier. He is waiting for an output transformer to complete his project.

The Winners

Judging took place at the Club AGM and Auction at Wynnum State School on the 3rd September 2023. Three entries were presented, and judging was decided by a show of hands.


Dan chose the slim Dual Mode Detector and Multimeter as his prize.

Slim Dual Mode Detector and Multimeter

Ches Bassingthwighte chose the Diamond Files for his reward.

Diamond Files

Rob Walker chose the Smart Multimeter as his prize.

Smart Multimeter