2020 Two Valve Competition

Project schematic

The Entries

The entries
David Tipton's entry - front view (first prize)
David Tipton's entry - rear view - with Peter Gofton in the background
Ken Stewart's entry - front view (second prize)
Ken Stewart's entry - underneath view
Dan Bedford's entry - front view (third prize)
Dan Bedford's entry - rear view
David Morgan's entry - front view
David Morgan's entry - rear view, showing a very neat layout
Mike Melzer's entry - front view
Mike Melzer's entry - internal


The competition was judged on Sunday 6 December 2020 at the Ferny Districts Fishing Club.

Peter Gofton, with assistance from Peter Hadgraft, in their initial round of judging could not separate the top three entries based on the following criteria -

So they added a fifth criterion - Appearance. The final results were:

Best performer, no prize, Mike Melzer's coffin set which was the only set to tune a station with just a couple of metres of hookup wire and no earth. So a long wire was strung up out into the bush beside the club hall and an earth was fashioned using the outside water tap. Then reception on all sets improved considerably.

Congratulations to all five members who entered the competition.

The Winners

Club President Rob Zanchetta awards first prize to David Tipton
Club President Rob Zanchetta awards second prize to Ken Stewart