2019 Restoration Competition

The competition is a radio related restoration project with pictures of progress.

The following rules will apply:

The Entries

Mike Melzer's magnificent AWA Radiola 715C console (first prize)
Rob Zanchetta's Airzone 6552 theatrette (second prize)
Ross Wedding's Silver XL-900 comms receivers (third prize)
John Edmondson's battery eliminator and oscilloscope
Ken Stewart's Breville 657C Portable
Dan Bedford's bookbinding equipment and restorations

The Winners

Club President Rob Zanchetta awards first prize to Mike Melzer
Rob Zanchetta receiving second prize from Club Membership Secretary Graham Anning
Ross Wedding receiving third prize from Club President Rob Zanchetta
John Edmondson received a Certificate of Participation
Ken Stewart received a Certificate of Participation
Club President Rob Zanchetta presenting Dan Bedford with a Certificate of Participation