2016 One Valve Competition

The 2016 competition will be for a one valve receiver.

It will be judged at a special event on Sunday 13th March 2016, at the Ferny Districts Amateur Fishing Club.

The judging will precede lunch. Entry fee will be $5 OR a cake/dessert prepared by the entrant. There will be a secondary competition for the cake/dessert.

The rules are as follows:

The Entries

Stuart Irwin's Little Jim receiver.
It used a mains-powered twin triode 6A6 valve.
One triode was a regenerative detector.
The other triode was an RC coupled audio output stage
Dan Bedford's entry. It was a crystal set with a 1920's triode audio amplifier
Fred Clark's entry. It used a 3S4 valve.
John Marsden's entry. It also used a 3S4 valve as a regenerative detector
John Marsden's circuit diagram


Judging was carried out by Peter Hadgraft and Peter Gofton.

The Winners

Club President Rob Zanchetta awards first prize to Stuart Irwin
Club President Rob Zanchetta awards second prize to Dan Bedford
Club President Rob Zanchetta awards third prize to Fred Clark
John Marsden receives a Certificate Of Participation from Club President Rob Zanchetta