2014 Restoration Competition

The 2014 Club Restoration Competition was judged at the Christmas function on 6 December 2014.

The aim was to present "A radio related restoration project with pictures of progress". The following rules will apply:

The Entries

Toby Croce's Beale console radio
Fil LaSpina's Tasma console radio
Dan Bedford's AWA 500M radio
Rob Zanchetta's Atwater Kent Model 30 radio
Harold Bull's 1907 Decca record player
Harold Bull's STC timber mantle radio

The Winners

Club President Rob Zanchetta awards first prize to Harold Bull
Club President Rob Zanchetta awards second prize to Toby Croce
Club President Rob Zanchetta awards third prize to Fil LaSpina

Certificates of Participation were presented to Dan Bedford, Rob Zanchetta and Harold Bull.