Auction Rules And Conditions Of Sale

of the Historical Wireless Society of South East Qld Inc

1. As a rule auctions are private and not open to the public. Vendors and buyers must be Society members. On occasions, with special arrangements, these restrictions may be lifted.

2. Your bidding number is your Historical Wireless Society of South East Queensland Inc. membership number. If you cannot remember it, look on the notice board.

3. The highest bidder for each lot shall be the purchaser and in the case of a dispute as to the bidding of any lot, the lot may be put up again for auction and the Auctioneer's decision shall be final.

4. The Vendor is solely responsible for the accuracy of item descriptions and the condition of items listed on the HWS of SEQ Auction Listing Form. The Auctioneer acts solely for the Vendor and neither the HWS of SEQ Inc. nor the Auctioneer shall be held responsible for any fault of defect or damage to any lot or for any error in description. Items are sold as is and untested and should be tested by a qualified electrician before connecting to mains power. The lots become the responsibility of the purchaser at the fall of the hammer. All intending buyers must inspect the items before the beginning of the auction.

5. All items are sold "AS IS" unless otherwise stated.

6. Each lot shall be paid for and removed [at purchaser's expense] from the auction site immediately the auction is finished. Failing that, the Auctioneer and the Vendor have the right to claim forfeiture of any monies paid by the buyer and to re-sell the lot at another auction or to dispose of the lot in another manner.

7. Each lot will attract a listing fee of $1.00 but on special occasions the Society reserves the right to increase the listing fee or to waive it.

8. The Auctioneer has the right to:

  1. Refuse any bid.
  2. Advance the bidding at his or her discretion.
  3. Place a reserve on any lot.
  4. Bid on behalf of the Vendor.
  5. Withdraw any lot from sale.

9. Absentee bids can be left if you are unable to attend the auction and must be submitted before the commencement of the auction. Item 15 below must be adhered to.

10. Terms of payment:

  1. A list of members will be displayed on the notice board.
  2. Completed auction lists will be displayed as well, showing sale price and winning bidder's number which is the membership number.
  3. As the Vendor, you can work out who has purchased your item, or as the buyer you can see from whom you purchased. You then settle between yourselves.

11. Items must be booked into the auction using an Auction Listing form. Extra forms will be available at all auctions.

12. Vendors will be allocated a number when submitting an Auction Listing Form to the Auction Co-ordinator and/or Auctioneer. Your number will be called when Auction Co-ordinator and/or Auctioneer are/is ready to receive your lots. This keeps listings in order of arrival.

13. If a Vendor wishes to sell more than 15 items, the excess over 15 will be listed after the last Vendor Number.

14. The Auctioneer or the Auction Co-Ordinator will define the auction area with signage. No personal trading is permitted within that defined area, from the time items are received for auction up to the time the last lot has been auctioned.

15. Any electrical appliance NOT fitted with a moulded plug MUST have that plug removed from or cut off the mains electrical cord. That plug may be sold as an accessory with the appliance [Added to By-Laws 7 August 2004].