Our 25th Anniversary

The Club's 25th Anniversary celebration was held on Sunday 19 June 2022 at the Ferny Districts Amateur Fishing Club. 42 members attended.

The celebration was preceded by a quality auction conducted by Ross Wedding. There were 35 quality items up for auction, mainly working or restored. Bidding was quite spirited at times however many preferred to keep their hand warm in their pockets.

A very nice Healing 502B Radio sold for $60. An Astor Mickey Radio bought $90. A Rola horn sold for $100. However, an AWA 1934 Radiolette 27, fully restored in excellent condition, could not make the reserve. The auction clearance rate was 68%.

After the auction, the Club Secretary, Peter Gofton, made a short speech. He said that the worst of Covid was now behind us. He felt there might be no cancelled meetings at all in 2022, a sentiment which all present fervently hoped was correct.

The candles on the cake were then lit, and the longest-serving member at the meeting, Fred Clark, member number 4, did the honours and cut the cake.

The cake after lighting
Fred Clark blows out the candles
Some of the items for auction