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55 - 58 series
Radio Monthly September 1932

THE introduction recently of no less than six new valves of American origin, without any details of circuits recommended for their use, has partially dislocated the organisation of more than one radio manufacturer, and designing engineers have been busy developing circuits and suitable equipment to take advantage of the improved characteristics. Each technical article this month has been devoted to various new valves, with the object, not only of evolving receivers to suit them, but to furnish full and accurate information for readers to file for reference purposes. Radio receivers equipped with these valves are definitely better than their predecessors in certain respects, notwithstanding the fact that information was broadcast to the effect that the valves were no good, and that nobody in Australia knew how to use them. The 55 to 58 series are the belated American reply to the very fine English four-volt valves which have been available for some considerable time. It remains to be seen which is the better. The principal advantage gained seems to be in the direction of lower noise levels, and greater efficiency-approaching in one instance a ratio of 40 per cent, which represents an improvement of 25 per cent.

The practice of introducing new equipment at frequent intervals prevents the stabilisation of the industry, confuses the buyer, and results in a temporary trade slump, which is only alleviated by the restoration of confidence in well-established and well-advertised products. Any receiver which reproduces good music when required is still a good receiver, no matter how old it may be.