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Radio Monthly January 1933

A review of the progress made during the past year in improving commercial broadcast receivers discloses the fact that the Australian manufacturer has developed a product which is the equal of that produced anywhere else in the world when judged on a performance and price basis. Fortunately for him, there are comparatively few broadcast stations in Australia, and the problems of selectivity have been comparatively easy to solve. Interference from electrical machinery and atmospheric disturbances, however, is still very serious, and unfortunately it seems to be nobody's business to rectify matters.

In Great Britain, the Post Office, which has been galvanized into action by the British Broadcasting Corporation, is investigating all complaints from listeners where specific instances of electrical interference are given. A determined effort is being made to bring home to those responsible for the installation and maintenance of apparatus that they are under an obligation to the community at large to take all possible steps to prevent interference with wireless reception. It is about time that some organised scheme was put into operation here, for in some localities electricaal interference is abominable The listener himself can do much to improve the position-firstly, by making sure that the household electrical installation complies with the regulations, and, secondly, by erecting a decent outside aerial and shielding the lead-in and earth leads.

A local manufacturer is developing an interference suppressor for fitting to the household mains to eliminate those disturbances which are conveyed to the receiver by means of the house electrical installation.

Receivers have now been brought to that stage where long-distance reception is an every-day occurrence, but their utility is restricted by the noise level.