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Crystal Set Competition

Judged March 19th 2000 at Malaney
Prizes donated by Brians Wireless Workshop and Reurrection Radio (Arthur Courtney) in Melbourne.

We had 19 crystal sets entered in our competition and as you will see from the images here there was a great variety of designs a lot of work went into consructing the sets and I am sure a lot was learnt about crystal sets during consruction. The judges had a very hard time deciding the winners.
The Mystery Crystal Set - Best Reproduction winner
View the Best Reproduction Crystal Sets
View the Most Unusual Crystal Sets
View the Best Performance Crystal Sets

Here are the display tables full of Crystal Sets ready for the judges
Here are the Judges hard at work.
Individual pictures of Crystal Sets entered

How to build the prize winning Mystery Crystal Set from the original articles published in 1932
(pictured above)
new34.gif - 195 BytesHow to build the DX Crystal Set 25th May 1930
new34.gif - 195 BytesHow to build the Improved Interstate Crystal Set 10th April 1932
new34.gif - 195 BytesSome chat on the Mystery Crystal Set from the Yahoo Crystal Set Club

new34.gif - 195 Bytes Click here to view Mystery Crystal Sets constructed from these pages.

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