Wireless Progress in Australia
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Transmission of Pictures

The successful transmission of pictures by wireless from Australia to England by Amalgamated Wireless during the later part of 1929 attracted much attention. The first pictures transmitted were those of Mr. Scullin (Prime Minister of Australia), Mr. Ramsay MacDonald (Prime Minister of England) and Mr, E. T. Fisk.

Experiments are being continued, and the time is approaching when the transmission of pictures by wireless will be the regular procedure. The distance covered by A.W.A. in these achievements is about treble that of any previous wireless picture transmission.

Overseas Telephony Experiments

Radio history was made on November 1st, 1928, when Mr. Fisk added still another achievement to the many brilliant pioneering demonstrations of the Company. Representatives of the leading Sydney newspapers and Mr. Lawton, ex-Consul-General for America, took part in the first demonstration of two-way wireless telephonic communication between Sydney and New York. At the same gathering telephonic communication was also effected with Java, the voices from both New York and Java being as clear as if the speakers were talking in Melbourne or Brisbane.

The test was in every way an undoubted success, representing probably one of the most remarkable wireless achievements that have been carried out in Australia, or indeed in the world.

On December 19th, 1928, a successful wireless telephone test was carried out between Sydney and Amsterdam, Holland. On that occasion, the Secretary of the British Peace Delegation spoke with Sydney. During the following week, experiments were carried out between Sydney and Berlin, and conversation was successfully exchanged.

On September 1st, 1929, the first wireless telephone conversation between an Australian and English Minister of the Crown was carried out, when the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth, Mr. Bruce, carried on an easy and lengthy conversation by wireless telephone from A.W.A.'s Offices at Sydney with Lord Passfield, Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, at the latter's home, fifty miles distant from London.

Sydney Town Hall lit from Genoa via Beam Wireless

One of the most spectacular wireless demonstrations of recent years was that achieved by the Marchese Marconi in collaboration with Mr. E. T. Fisk, on the occasion of the opening of the Radio and Electrical Exhibition at the Sydney Town Hall on March 26th, 1930. Aboard his yacht, the "Elettra," in Genoa Harbour, Marchese Marconi pressed a key,. and one-seventh of a second later a festoon of 3000 coloured lights blazed forth in the Sydney Town Hall.

During the few weeks prior to this event, Amalgamated Wireless' and Marconi's engineers were in constant communication by wireless telephone. and every detail was scheduled.

At the time fixed, Marconi was informed by a Beam message from the Sydney Town Hall that all was in readiness. He immediately depressed a switch, thereby transmitting the necessary signals from his yacht. These were received at the Marconi receiving station at Dorchester, England, passed by landline to the Beam station at Grimsby, England, and thence flashed round the world to Australia. The signals were received at Amalgamated Wireless' Beam station at Rockbank, Victoria, and thence conveyed by 600 miles of landline to the Sydney Town Hall.

Up to this time the lighting in the Exhibition Hall was dim, but at the instant Marconi released his signals in the far away Italian Mediterranean, the switches operating 3000 lamps came into operation and the Sydney Town Hall was flooded with light. The success of the experiment was greeted vociferously by the large audience at the Town Hall. Marconi was at once notified by Beam Wireless of the successful lighting of the hall, and immediately replied, "Very best congratulations to all concerned."

This experiment is one of many that have been conducted between Marchese Marconi in Europe and Mr. Fisk in Sydney. In 1918 Marconi transmitted to Mr. Fisk the first direct wireless message between England and Australia. In 1927 they established a direct Beam wireless service between Australia and Great Britain.

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