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A.W.A. Radiophone Service To Great Britain and the Continent.

The longest telephone service in the world was opened on 30th April last (1930), when Mr. Scullin, Prime Minister of Australia, spoke with Mr. Ramsay MacDonald, the English Prime Minister, and the Rt. Hon. W. M. Hughes, P.C., K.C., spoke with the Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George, by wireless telephone between Sydney and London.

Established and operated by Amalgamated Wireless, the A.W.A. Radiophone represents the first wireless telephone service to be inaugurated between Great Britain and a Dominion.

The necessity and practicability of wireless communication between Australia and England was early recognised by Mr. Fisk, who commenced experimenting in 19 14, and was successful in receiving the first direct wireless telegraph messages from England to Australia in 19 18. This was followed by his effecting the first wireless telephone reception from England in 1924. His strenuous advocacy and practical experiments in trans-oceanic telegraphy resulted in the establishment of the Beam Wireless Service between Australia and Great Britain and the Continent of Europe in 1927, and due to his untiring efforts wireless telephony between Australia and the Homeland is now an accomplished fact. The whole of the transmitting and receiving gear installed by Amalgamated Wireless for the Imperial and International Wireless Telephone Service was designed, manufactured, and installed in Australia by Australians in the A.W.A. organisation.

The wireless telephone rates between Australia and Great Britain show a more than favourable comparison when compared with the rates ruling between New York and London; the rate for the Australian service being 2 per minute, with a minimum of 6 per call to Great Britain, as against 3 per minute or 9 per call minimum between New York and London, which is about a quarter of the distance between Australia and Great Britain.

Telephone subscribers in Australia may speak from their own homes or business places by simply ringing up trunk lines, B071, and asking for "London Service. The telephone number of the person wanted is not essential the name and address are sufficient.

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