Wireless Progress in Australia
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A.W.A. Radio-electric Works

A.W.A. could not have made such headway had it not early taken the opportunity of establishing efficient manufacturing facilities in Australia. To such proportions have its manufacturing activities developed that to-day the Company's Radio-Electric Works at Knox Street, Sydney, replete as they are with the most modern production machinery specially laid out for the mass production of wireless apparatus, are inadequate to meet the production demands made upon them.

In pursuance of the Company's policy of expansion. it has recently completed the purchase of a new site and buildings on Parramatta Road, Ashfield, five miles from Sydney, for the development of its manufacturing activities.

The land, laid out in attractive lawns and gardens, contains an area of approximately four acres, with a frontage to the Parramatta Road of 303 feet .There are three modern factory buildings containing 75,000 square feet of floor area, and there is ample room for future extension of the existing buildings and for the erection of additional buildings as required.

This is not a sudden growth of manufacturing activity, but the outcome of seventeen years steady development in the design and production in Australia of all classes of wireless apparatus.

The wireless equipment in use on most of the ships of the Australian Mercantile Marine was produced at the Company's works, as well as such highly technical apparatus as the Beam Feeder Transmitters, installed at the A.W.A. Stations in the capital cities of Australia; the wireless apparatus installed at the Coastal Radio Stations dotting the seaboard of Australia, and the Company's Stations at New Guinea, Papua, Fiji, and at the various islands in the Pacific.

The principal Australian Broadcasting Stations are equipped with A.W.A. Transmitters, while the 20 k.w. Transmitter at A.W.A. Radio Centre, Pennant Hills, used for the Wireless Telephone Service to Great Britain and the Continent of Europe, and for overseas broadcasting, was designed and manufactured at the A.W.A. Radio-Electric Works.

Amalgamated Wireless is one of the few Australian companies which has found both a home and an export market for its products. As far back as 19l6 complete wireless transmitting and receiving stations from the Company's works were shipped to New Zealand, East Africa, China, Japan, and the Pacific Islands, and during the last few years a considerable quantity of Australian-made wireless apparatus has been sent abroad by the Company.

A modern 5 k.w. short wave telegraph transmitter and receiver was recently manufactured for the New Zealand Government, for installation at Tinakori Hills, Wellington; while modern A.W.A. transmitting equipment was lately installed at Lord Howe Island, thereby effecting economical communication between Lord Howe Island and Australia.

Modern wireless equipment has been installed at Suva Radio, while a 1/2 k.w. short wave transmitter was installed at Apia (Samoa). A short wave transmitter is now in course of manufacture for installation at Nukualofa, in the Tongan Islands.

The Company's Australian manufactured apparatus is everywhere recognised by experts as being the equal in design and performance to apparatus produced overseas.

Thousands of "Radiola" Broadcast Receivers have been manufactured during the last six years, and such satisfaction have they given that to-day throughout Australia the "Fisk Series" Radiola is regarded as the finest Australian broadcast receiver.

The training of a specialised staff and the building up of Australian wireless manufacturing facilities are in keeping with the national aims of A.W.A., and should prove of value to Australia in times of both peace and war.

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