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HRSA South East Queensland Group - Crystal Set Competition

Judged March 19th 2000 at Malaney

Best Performance Crystal Set
Matthew Weatherley (2nd) - Brian Reid (1st) - Ray Creighton (3rd)
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Here close up pictures of the winning Crystal Sets

1st Prize - Brian Reid
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2nd Prize - Matthew Weatherley
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3rd Prize - Ray Creighton - The Mystery Crystal Set
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Construction details of this crystal set were first published in Our Wireless Circle section of The Sunday Mail newspaper in Brisbane on July 3rd 1932. It proved to be very popular with the readers and a second construction article was published on July 17th 1932 along with readers letters and questions.

Parts to construct a crystal set were relatively cheap and construction fairly simple so they were very popular at this time for people living close to radio stations. Your local radio dealer could construct the mystery crystal set for approx. 25 to 30 shillings ($2.50 to $3.00). At this time a cheap 4 valve radio (Radiola Junior) cost 24 Pounds 10 shillings ($49.00) approx. 6 weeks wages for a radio service man.

In 1932 there were only 4 radio stations in Brisbane, 4QG, 4BC, 4BK, 4BH and radio broadcasting in Brisbane was only seven years old, at the time there were 17 radio stations in Australia (See top left of July 3rd Our Wireless circle page)

This circuit is unusual due to the earth connection being on the secondary side of the coil and only the aerial being connected to the tuned primary of the coil.

Operating Instructions Connect your headphones to the terminals marked HP on the left of the front panel, connect a good earth to the terminal E on the bottom right of the front panel.

There are two choices for the aerial connection.

SA or Selective Aerial, with the aerial connected here the crystal set is very selective and will tune a number of different stations.

BA or Broad Aerial, with the aerial connected here the crystal set is will produce a strong volume with poor selection of stations.

As this crystal set uses a Brach Fixed Crystal Detector no adjustment is required.

Now tune the Crystal Set with the large dial knob to the station you wish to hear.

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